Robert B. Harris Scholars


(Pictured: Young Robert & Marcus Harris)

A visionary. A leader. A humanitarian. A loving father. 

Robert B. Harris, Marcus' only brother, walked many different paths in life, all of them leading to the betterment of each life he touched. Whether as an ordained minister, volunteer, or activist, his selfless dedication to serving the community forged a powerful legacy that continues to touch thousands of lives, long after he left this Earth too soon.

To honor Robert and his invaluable contributions to society, the Marcus Harris Foundation has created the Robert B. Harris Memorial Scholarship Program. To be considered a Robert B. Harris Scholar, applicants must demonstrate a strong commitment to community service, as well as be leaders for positive change in the lives of those around them. 

Two (2) scholarship awards in the amount of $500 each will be awarded for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Application Criteria

To apply for the Robert B. Harris Memorial Scholarship Program, please submit a completed application form, one (1) academic recommendation form, and one (1) personal recommendation form, all listed below.

All completed materials can be forwarded to us through the following means:


Post: The Marcus Harris Foundation, P.O. Box 11490, Durham, NC 27703

Application deadline: July 31, 2020

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at

Application Form

Application forms can be downloaded below in either MS Word or PDF format. 

Scholarship Application (docx)


Scholarship Application (pdf)


Academic Recommendation Form

Academic recommendation forms can be downloaded below in either MS Word or PDF format. This form is to be completed by either a teacher, professor, TA, guidance counselor, or academic advisor. 

Academic Recommendation Form (docx)


Academic Recommendation Form (pdf)


Personal Recommendation Form

Personal recommendation forms can be downloaded below in either MS Word or PDF format. This form is to be completed by either a mentor, coach, religious leader, or employer.

Personal Recommendation Form (docx)


Personal Recommendation Form (pdf)


Our Current RBH Scholars

We're proud to have Jaylen Davis, of Durham, NC, Domenica Pusic, of Raleigh, NC, and Megan Castillo, of Inglewood, CA, as our current Robert B. Harris Scholars! Each of them exemplifies all the qualities the Robert B. Harris Memorial Scholarship Program represents.

Learn more about these talented young leaders below.


JAYLEN DAVIS is from Durham, NC, and very excited to be a student at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Class of 2022. To prepare himself for college, Jaylen started his post-secondary experience early in the summer of 2018, which gave him a 3.5 GPA boost towards the fall semester of his freshman year. His major is computer science, with a  concentration in cyber security. 

After Jaylen graduates, he plans to secure an internship on UNCC's campus with the app developers who made the app for the school, further honing his craft as he works toward ultimately owning his own cyber security firm.



DOMENICA PUSIC is a transplanted New Yorker, having moved to Raleigh, NC, at the age of seven. She has a deep appreciation for the arts, including music (both classical and modern), various styles of dance, and literature. She also plays the euphonium and has been a dancer for ten years. 

Domenica has been an active community service volunteer since elementary school. Some of her hobbies include sewing, art, cooking, writing, learning the Greek language, and taking part in 'green' initiatives. She's thrilled to be a member of the Drexel University Class of 2022, majoring in behavioral health counseling. She wants to make a lasting impact on others while pursuing what she loves to do in all areas of her life. 


MEGAN CASTILLO  is a social work student at the University of Southern California. She's a proud activist and community  organizer, and for the past 4 years, she's accumulated over 600 community service hours  working with vulnerable populations, such as skid row, elementary schools, and rehabilitated former inmates. 

Megan seeks to be an effective champion for those in society who are most often overlooked, by developing and overseeing the implementation of strategic initiatives that improve the lives of marginalized Black and Brown communities. Her ultimate goal is to become a community organizer and policy influencer following the completion of her MSW.