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Studies have shown that maintaining a healthy physical appearance is crucial to building positive self-esteem in young children. With strong self-esteem, kids tend to have a more positive outlook on life, form healthier personal relationships, and are more likely to stick with tasks until they succeed. Good self-esteem has also been shown to increase courage and boost confidence in making healthy choices.

For this reason, we've launched the Kutz for Kids program, through which we provide free year-round haircuts to children from underserved families throughout the Durham, NC, community. Envisioned by Marcus himself, the  purpose of the program is to boost kids' social outcomes by helping  them maintain a healthy physical appearance, all while freeing their  families of the costs required for regular grooming needs. 

We're proud to offer Kutz for Kids in partnership with Signature Kutz  Barbershop, one of the leading barbershops in Durham. All program participants receive free haircuts year-round at Signature Kutz. Eligibility is based primarily on feedback we receive from Signature Kutz, school guidance staff, and our other community partners.

Boosting Social Outcomes AND Bridging The Digital Divide!


We're thrilled to have partnered with the Kramden Institute to benefit our Kutz for Kids participants. Through this exciting new partnership, the children in the program receive free desktop computers. This not only helps them develop invaluable computer and software skills, it also provides them with Internet access at home - helping bridge the digital divide.

Our First Ever Legal Pop-Up Was A Huge Success!

Check out the livestream footage from our first ever Kutz for Kids Legal Pop-Up event, held on September 13, 2019. All day long, kids got free haircuts, and our incredible sponsors, Osborn Gambale Beckley & Budd and New Direction Family Law, gave free legal advice to anyone in the community who needed it.

The footage includes an interview with Marcus, with a special cameo by his son, Chris.

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About Signature Kutz


Signature Kutz is one of the leading barbershops in Durham, offering a wide variety of affordable, customized haircuts and other personal grooming services. Founded and owned by Jeffery Warren, a devoted husband, father, and community leader, Signature Kutz prides itself on being an integral part of the East Durham community and beyond.

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