About Alliance Architecture:

Alliance Architecture strives to establish immersive partnerships with people and organizations that value vision and optimism. Their design for the workplace is integrated into an organizational culture in a way that  bolsters productivity, well-being, brand identity, and the overall environment. An environment lacking the human element is merely a space.  Alliance aims to transform space into place.

The team at Alliance Architecture thinks of architectural spaces as urban environments, forming hubs and intersections that bring people together, and parks and quiet havens  that encourage discovery and reflection. Like in great cities, there  should be moments and places in architectural environments that  invigorate, inspire, or simply pause. Such design becomes a kind of  tapestry, where Alliance creates an environment that's seamlessly woven into an organization’s culture, while reinforcing the brand identity. Alliance's designs are carefully curated to enhance the the lives of those within by evoking emotions of reflection, energy, awe, synergy, discovery, and  escape.

We're thrilled to have Alliance Architecture as a valued sponsor of Project ClassAct! Thanks to their wonderful support, we've been able to help even more teachers and students through the program.